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ArtScope.net is dedicated to providing Chicago-based visual fine arts coverage on the internet. Founded in 1998, ArtScope.net has developed an international readership of art dealers and buyers, artists, students, art-enthusiasts and more.

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Always on, 24/7. Electronic, serial-based publication, archived monthly.
ISSN: 1524-718X.


39,000 website visitors per month and growing.

Editorial Format

Home Page. The first page that visitors see when coming to

Reviews. Critical reviews and analysis of related books, and visual arts exhibitions

News Pages. Pages linked from the home page of news garnered from various news sources, which ArtScope.net stores and archives.

Announcement Pages. Pop-up pages featuring local and regional arts announcements, press releases and more. Announcements are listed on the index page.

Searchable Databases. Listings of internet sites, and galleries.

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