Purchase eArtist v5.x

Two great ways to buy eArtist!

So you've downloaded eArtist, used it in "Demo" mode and like what you see? Purchase eArtist using either of the two methods below.

Credit Card Orders

New Users

1 eArtist License $125 US
1eArtist Educational License (See below for eligibility and requirements)$60 US

Existing Users

1eArtist Upgrade License (NO data transfer service)$35 US
1eArtist Upgrade License AND 1 Data Transfer Service (from older versions)$60
1Data Transfer Service or Advanced Technical Support Call ONLY$25 US

Educational License!

Get eArtist Educational License for $60.00

EDUCATIONAL LICENSES for eArtist: To obtain your serial number and registration key, you must send an email to Artscope.net using your University or College email address at eartist@artscope.net, or send a photocopy of your current University or College ID (both sides) to ArtScope.net, 7356 N. Damen, #1S, Chicago, IL 60645. For security purposes, if your educational institution uses your Social Security Number for your student or faculty ID, please black it out or obliterate it from the photocopy before sending it in!


Check or Money Order

Download, print and fill out our Mail Order form and send with your check or money order for the approriate amount made out to ArtScope.net

Order processing is handled by PayPal. ArtScope.net does not process, receive, handle, or view customer credit card data.

REFUND POLICY: Please evaluate our software thoroughly before purchase. We do not give refunds. The product you download is the full and complete product. Certain features are locked when the software is in DEMO mode: You will not be able to print or run reports, and you will have to manually switch between modules instead of using the buttons at the top of the eArtist screens. Once you purchase eArtist, you will receive a registration key that unlocks all the features of our software, and constitutes acceptance of all liability in relation to use of our product. As with packaged software, receipt of the registration key is handing over intellectual property for your use, and you cannot hand it back to us. So far, less than one percent of all eArtist users have been dissatisfied with our product; but the few who were dissatisfied did not thoroughly evaluate our product before purchase.

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