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Chronological Index Volume 7-8

Volume VIII

August 2006

Cathie Bleck: Open Spaces


July 2006

Feature: All Passes - Art Alone Endures: Fine Arts Building Gallery Faces Tough Decisions of Change or Closure

Drawings in Dialogue: Old Master through Modern

1001 Paintings at the Louvre: From Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century Eds. Vincent Pomarède, Delphine Trébosc (book review)


June 2006

From Avant-Garde to Pluralism: An On-The-Spot History by Irving Sandler (book review)


May 2006

Zsofia Otvos: Instincts and Expressions

Richard Laurent: Beauty and Beast

Marion Kryczka: Small Works


April 2006

Art Chicago 2006: The 14th Annual Exposition of International Galleries Featuring Modern and Contemporary Art

Defending Complexity: Art, Politics and the New World Order by Eleanor Heartney (book review)


March 2006

Ron van Dongen: Effusus

Pompeii: Stories from an Eruption

The Innocent Eye? Amateur Photographs from the 20th Century


February 2006

The Anatomy of Gender: Arts of the Body in Early Modern Europe

Building Dreams in the Bookbinder's Room: Jan Theun van Rees, Photographs

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative 16th Annual Small Print Show


January 2006

The Woodcut Artist's Handbook: Techniques and Tools for Relief Printmaking by George A. Walker; foreword by Barry Moser (book review)


December 2005

Andrew Conklin


November 2005

Alphonse Mucha by Sarah Mucha, Ronald F. Lipp (book review)

Matthew Cox: Thread Into Plastic

Rebecca Shore: New Paintings and Drawings


October 2005

Mark Crisanti: Birdman

Josef + Anni Albers: Designs for Living by Nicholas Fox Weber and Martin Filler (book review)

John Jacobsen, Jay Kapur, Jeremy Lawson, Mark DeBernardi, Michael McGuire and Michelle Peterson-Albandoz at Las Manos Gallery


September 2005

Around The Coyote Fall Arts Festival 2005

Gladys Nilsson

Georges Mazilu

Jae Ko: Aggregation


Volume VII

August 2005

Centers and Edges: Modern Ceramic Design and Sculpture, 1880-1980

Syncopation: André Lhote, Louis Marcoussis, and the Cubist Print


July 2005

CADA Vision 10

Ruth Duckworth: Modernist Sculptor thru 7/10

Stripped Bare: The Body Revealed in Contemporary Art ed. Marianne Karabelnik (book review)

Duveen: A Life in Art by Meryle Secrest (book review)


June 2005

Blumen: Group Show Featuring Christina Haglid, John Hunn, Amy Lowry, Patrick McGarry and Connie Netherton

Jiwon Son

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri: Light Seeking Eyes

Feminine Touch

The Living Artists Invitational


May 2005

Living Artists by Ivy Sundell (book review)

Natural Beauty: Farber Nudes by Robert Farber (book review)


April 2005

Chicago's Art Weekend: Art Chicago in the Park, Chicago Contemporary & Classic, and NOVA Young Art Fair

Vasily Shulzhenko: New Paintings

Cameron Zebrun: Constructed Paintings

Aleksander Balos with Sangram Mujamdar

Shepherds and Plowhands: Work and Leisure in the Nineteenth Century


March 2005

Leeah Joo

Dennis Schommer: Song to the Moon

Pressroom as Classroom: The Press at Colorado College

Tom Huck: The Bloody Bucket


February 2005

The Beauty of Life: William Morris and the Art of Design

Ed Paschke Memorial Exhibition

Contemporary Russian Artists: Gorbatyuk, Vereshagin, Trofimov


December 2004

4 Contemporary Artists: David De Castro, Edward Ott, Trent Albert and Christine Isperian


November 2004

Ruprecht von Kaufmann: Soul Siberia

Marion Kryczka: New Work

Heavy Petting: The Painted Animal

Nancie King Mertz: 2000 Miles of Spain


October 2004

Plants In Print: The Age of Botanic Discovery (full review)

Plants In Print: The Age of Botanic Discovery (Art Espresso - brief overview)


September 2004

Splendors of China's Forbidden City: The Glorious Reign of Emperor Qianlong by Chuimei Ho and Bennett Bronson (book review; see also our exhibition review)

The Undressed Art: Why We Draw by Peter Steinhart (book review)


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