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Chronological Index Volumes 3 through 4

Volume III

September, 2000

Union Images 2000

Michael Paxton

East Pilsen Arts Walk

October, 2000

Move Closer (book review)

Henry Darger: Realms of the Unreal

The Buddha Show

Jason Rohlf

Stephanie Serpick

Chicago Art Scene 2000

CAC Open

William Merritt Chase

November, 2000

Within Sight

Sue Johnson

Dannielle Tegeder

December, 2000

Polish Painting in the Sztyber Collection

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search For Sacred Art (book review)

January, 2001

Morbid Curiosity

Sam Francis

Ulli Rooney


February, 2001

WithIn Sight Winter 2001

Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna

In Between: Art In Poland 1945-2000

Art Scene Chicago 2000

Transcultural Visions

Renata Palubinskas

Tales From The Art Crypt (book review)

March, 2001

Beyond the Easel

William Conger and Daniel Bodner

Bruno Surdo: Dualities of Life


Miroslaw Balka: The Salt Seller

April, 2001

Book Review: Henry Darger

American Surrealism

Barbara Rogers

Aleksander Balos: Parables

Janusz Przybylski

Tony Fitzpatrick

May, 2001

Udo Noeger


Art Scene Chicago 2001 at Chicago Athenaeum

June, 2001

Salvador Calvo and Laura Murlender: Abstract Paintings

Groovy Bob: The Life and Times of Robert Fraser (book review)

Jay Strommen

July, 2001

Heather Accurso

August, 2001

Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist (book review)

Volume IV

September, 2001

2001 ATC Curator's Choice

Pilsen Arts Walk 2001

October, 2001

Chicago Art Open

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South

November, 2001

Romanticism and Its Discontents (book review)

Jun Kaneko at Klein Art Works

December, 2001

London Report: The 2001 Turner Prize (editorial)

January, 2002

How To Survive and Prosper as an Artist (book review)

Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color (book review)

February, 2002

Philip von Raabe: Recent Monoprints

Dimitar Manev: Macedonian Odyssey

March, 2002

Hopper (book review)

Art: A Field Guide (book review)

Brenden Clenaghen: About How Things Got So Slippery

April, 2002

Bruno Surdo's 9/11 Mural

Anthony Blunt: His Lives (book review)

Jessica Joslin

May, 2002

Michel Nedjar: Retrospective

Jules Feiffer

Laura Murlender

American Films in Polish Posters

June, 2002

SPECTRUM: Contemporary Art of Chicago

Joseph Piccillo

Viva Posada! (book review)

July, 2002

Women Who Ruled: Queens, Goddesses, Amazons in Renaissance and Baroque Art (book review)

David deCastro

Polish Jazz Posters

August, 2002

New York Report: Critical Response to the New MOMA

Chicago Surrealism: Here and Now


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