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Chronological Index Volumes 1 through 2

Volume I

October, 1998

Frank Pulaski

Eric Semelroth

The Camera Obscured II and John

Julia Margaret Cameron

The Art of Arthur Szyk

Barbara Cooper and Tony Cragg

Steliga Wood Sculpture

November, 1998

Mary Cassatt

Vanessa Clarke

David Cook

Davida Schulman

Jean Poklop and Barbara Schnell at E.G.G.

December, 1998

Louis LeBourgeois and Angela Schlaud

Brad Miller and Scott Johnson

Weimar Bodies


January, 1999

Artists of Rogers Park

Woskow, Karver, and Hill

February, 1999

The Chicago Art Scene

The World of the Spiritual

March, 1999

ABeCedarium: An Exhibit of Alphabet Books

Chicago Calligraphy Collective

Walter Fydryck

A. Bernardo C. Marigmen III

Resurrection at Yello Gallery

June, 1999

"Drawings and Paintings" Recent work by Marion Kryczka

Walter Fydryck: Portraits

July/August, 1999

Landscapes at Ann Nathan


Surviving Modernism

Magic Paper, Magic Book

Art for Animals Sake

David Lee Csiscko: Belmont 2000

John Boyd

Scott Bullock

Renata Palubinskas

Janusz Walentynowicz

Flo Lunn and Cal Rhodes

Ron Gordon

Vasily Shulzhenko

Land of The Winged Horsemen/ Art in Poland 1572-1764

Volume II

September, 1999

Dean Fisher

Will Kolstad

Life Patterns at Yello

October, 1999

Dysfunctional Toasters

Mirriam Bloom

Julie Heffernan

Aleksander Balos

Jane Fisher

Signs of Judaism in Portugal

IKAT: Splendid Silks of Central Asia

Rogers Park Artists at Excaliber

Pilsen Arts Walk

November, 1999

Georges Mazilu

Autumn Hymn

Book Review: 'Blue Dog Man' by George Rodrigue

Nancy Mertz: Europe Revisited

Ben Whitehouse

Sass: The New "Anti-Art"

Lakefront Afternoon at East Bank Club

December, 1999

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Small Print Exhibition

Carlos Cortez: Last Stand of the Millennium: An Exhibition of Paintings and Woodcut Prints

January, 2000

Jumpin' Backflash: Chicago Imagists

February, 2000

Exploration Millenium

Art Deco Poland

May, 2000

Herbert George: Shadow Portraits

Jay Strommen

Alan Feltus

Lynda Lowe

Gladys Nilsson

The 8th Show

Women Do Figure

Textbook of Insanity

Shirley O'Rourke

Norman Rockwell

June, 2000

Miyoko Ito

Kim Piotrowski

July, 2000

Pharaohs of the Sun

The Polish Connection: Contemporary Polish Artists in Chicago

Magda Jesionek: Landscapes

Sacha Stawiarski: Landscapes

Nina Glaser and Courtney Peaters

August, 2000

Around the Coyote Curator's Choice

The Madonna of the Future

James Morton

Surrealist Experiences

Beatles: Now and Then

Painting Revolution

Friese Undine

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