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This is an alphabetical index of visual art reviews posted here on ArtScope.net from Volumes 1 through 4 (August 1998 through September 2002). Book reviews have been moved to the Library link above.



ABeCedarium: An Exhibit of Alphabet Books

Heather Accurso

American Films in Polish Posters

American Surrealism

Art For Animals' Sake

Art Chicago 1999

Art Deco -- Poland

Art Scene, Chicago 2000

Art Scene Chicago 2000

Art Scene Chicago 2001 at Chicago Athenaeum


Art Visions, The World of the Spiritual

Around The Coyote 2000

2001 ATC Curator's Choice

Autumn Hymn: A Celebration of Autumn Equinox


Miroslaw Balka: The Salt Seller

Aleksander Balos: Parables

Miriam Bloom: strange attractors

Aleksander Balos and Meltem Aktas

The Beatles: Now and Then

Beyond the Easel

Blue Dog Man By George Rodrigue

John Boyd: A Partial History of the Spurious II

The Buddha Show: 25 Artists Interpret Buddha

Scott Bullock Paintings


CAC Open

Salvador Calvo and Laura Murlender: Abstract Paintings

Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman

The Camera Obscured II

Julia Margaret Cameron's Women

William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscapes

Chicago Art Open 2000

Chicago Art Open 2001

The Chicago Art Scene

Chicago Art Scene 2000

Chicago Calligraphy Collective Annual Members Show

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Small Print Exhibition

Chicago Surrealism: Here and Now


Vanessa Clarke: Paintings And Sculpture Ongoing Exhibition

Brenden Clenaghen: "About How Things Got So Slippery"

David Cook: Figurative Sculptures Ongoing Exhibition

William Conger and Daniel Bodner

Carlos Cortez: Last Stand of the Millennium: An Exhibition of Paintings and Woodcut Prints

Tony Cragg and Barbara Cooper

David Lee Csicsko 'Belmont 2000'


Henry Darger: Realms of the Unreal

David deCastro

Dysfunctional Toasters


Earth Voice

Exploration Millennium


Alan Feltus

Jules Feiffer

Dean Fisher: Paintings

Jane Fisher: Narrative Paintings/1986-1999

Tony Fitzpatrick

Sam Francis

Walter A. Fydryck Drawings, Painting/Drawings

Walter Fydryck: Portraits


Ron Gordon: Printer's Row Photographs


Julie Heffernan: New Paintings

Herbert George: Shadow Portraits: Sculpture

Peter Hurley/Scott Bullock Chicago Lakefront Mural


In Between: Art In Poland 1945-2000

Miyoko Ito: Mistress of the Sea


Magda Jesionek: Landscapes

Sue Johnson

Jessica Joslin

The Joy of Collecting

Jumpin' Backflash: Original Imagist Artwork


Jun Kaneko at Klein Art Works

Will Kolstad Drawings and Paintings

Drawings and Paintings: Recent work by Marion Kryczka


Land of The Winged Horsemen/ Art in Poland 1572-1764

Landscapes: the Midwest, James Winn; Urban, Enrique Santana; Provence, Didier Nolet

London Report: The 2001 Turner Prize (Editorial)

In Congruity: Lynda Lowe: New Paintings

Louise LeBourgeois and Angela Schlaud: New Works

Life Patterns: Reconstructing Symbolism

Flo Lunn and Cal Rhodes: Live Free or Die


Machiavelli Plays Your Favorites

The Madonna of the Future: Essays in a Pluralistic Art World

Magic Paper/ Magic Book: Friends of Dard Hunter and Guild of Book Workers

Dimitar Manev: Macedonian Odyssey

A. Bernardo C. Marigmen III

Georges Mazilu: Paintings

Morbid Curiosity

Nancy King Mertz: Europe Revisited

Face It: Paintings by Brad Miller and Scott Johnson

James Morton: Oil Paintings and Pastels

Laura Murlender


Michel Nedjar: Retrospective

New Year: New Name: New Artists

New York Report: Critical Response to the new MOMA

Gladys Nilsson

Udo Noeger


Exiled: Forgotten Faces of Chicago's Uptown: Photographs by Shirley O'Rourke


Renata Palubinskas/Paintings

Renata Palubinskas 2001

Michael K. Paxton: "Practical Beings"

Pharaohs Of The Sun

Joseph Piccillo

Pilsen East Artists' Open House 1999

30th Annual Pilsen East Artists' Open House

Pilsen Arts Walk 2001

Kim Piotrowski: Recent Paintings

The Polish Connection: Contemporary Polish Artists in Chicago

Polish Jazz Posters

Polish Paintings in the Sztyber Collection

Janusz Przybylski

Frank Pulaski: La Dolce Morte



Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People

Barbara Rogers

Artists of Rogers Park Third Annual Members Exhibition

Artists of Rogers Park at Excaliber

Jason Rohlf: Pilots: New Work

Ulli Rooney

Painting Revolution: Kandinsky, Malevich, and the Russian Avant-Garde


Davida Schulman: Selected Works


Eric Semelroth: Portraits

Stephanie Serpick: Tricks and Gifts

Joel Sheesley; Deborah Maris Lader; Joyce Owens

Vasily Shulzhenko


Signs of Judaism in Portugal


SPECTRUM: Contemporary Art of Chicago

IKAT: Splendid Silks Silks of Central Asia

Sacha Stawiarski: Landscapes

Steliga Wood Sculpture

Jay Strommen: Ferment of Time

Jay Strommen

Bruno Surdo's 9/11 Mural

Bruno Surdo: "Dualities of Life"

Surrealist Experiences

Surviving Modernism: The Narrative Figure

Justice Illuminated: The Art of Arthur Szyk


Dannielle Tegeder: Paintings

Text-Book of Insanity

Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna

Through the Portal: Fragments of Time

Transcultural Visions

Two San Francisco Artists: Nina Glaser/Courtney Peaters


Union Images 2000


Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search For Sacred Art

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South

Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist

Philip von Raabe: Recent Monoprints


Confrontation: Glass or Art?: Janusz Walentynowicz

Weimar Bodies: Fantasies about the Body in Weimar Art, Science, and Medicine

Ben Whitehouse: Paintings and Drawings

Within Sight: 72 Photographs by 12 Jane Addams Center Photographers

WithIn Sight Winter 2001

Women Do Figure: Bodyworks

Women Who Ruled: Queens, Goddesses, Amazons in Renaissance and Baroque Art (book review)

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