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Art Chicago 2010 Art Chicago embraces Chicago's own galleries, reinforces their status as standing shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts around the world. Coming in the season it does, it's also a chance to look anew at art and the world around you. In 2010, as in previous years, this grandly-sized, art-full, international event is well worth seeing. More... At the Merchandise Mart, through May 3, 2010.

Modern in America: Works on Paper, 1900-1950s Works on paper can be so much more than prints. They can be studies, drawings, paintings, and most importantly: works of art in their own right. This exhibition of works on paper encompasses the entire gamut. The Art Institute has organized the exhibition as a companion to the release of a book of the museum's modern collection except it is much more comprehensive than that. Many of these supporting works to their counterparts in the permanent exhibit show how much the artists' initial concepts can be just as if not more powerful than the finished works. Other works, are complete finished works on their own, and should not be missed. At the Art Institute of Chicago, through April 4, 2010, extended thru May 2, 2010.

Zg MMX - Spring Group Show - at Zg Gallery Gallery group show featuring Molly Briggs, Ben Butler, Amy Casey, Bill Frederick, Dan Gamble, Steve Hough, Regin Igloria, Gregory Jacobsen, Anna Joelsdottir, Justin Henry Miller, Martina Nehrling, and Jackie Tileston At Zg Gallery, through May 22, 2010. Best group show of April/May season, Zg is showing a wide variety of talent, styles, and mediums; some brilliantly original, and some who still need some polish. Shown: Amy Casey, "Interdependence".

Judy Pfaff at David Weinberg Gallery Judy Pfaff's "first solo show" in Chicago consists of 3-D assemblage using studio materials, monoprint-paperwork, hand painting, drawing, silk flowers, oragami, and other materials aggressively force the artwork into the viewer's space. Out of all the "scribble" paintings out on the market today, Ms. Pfaff distinguishes her artwork and mastery of the form of combining the familiar with the expressive. Beautifully expressive and composed, we could look at these for hours, and be utterly fascinated.David Weinberg Gallery, through May 29, 2010.

Andy Paczos - Into Plein Air - at Maya Polsky Plein Air paintings of "forgotten" areas in the Chicago urban landscape reminescent of Edward Hopper's lonely cityscapes, where the negative space is as important as the cityscape itself. Various elements of each work celebrate emptiness, isolation, and quiet solitude without feeling cold. Nature encroaching into the scene in many of these paintings give relief and realization that the city is inhabited by more than just humanity. Great care is given to the details and technique in each painting without overworking the subject. At Maya Polsky, through May 30, 2010.

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