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Watercolor and gouache on paper
4.5 x 2 in.
© Christina Haglid 2005

Blumen: Group Show featuring
Christina Haglid
John Hunn
Amy Lowry
Patrick McGarry
Connie Netherton

June 10 - mid-July, 2005

Ann Nathan Gallery
212 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60610
tel.: 312-664-6622
hours: Tues-Fri 10a-5:30p, Sat 11a-5p

Blumen offers up a myriad of delights, five artists who revel in the sensuousness of seeing. Works by Christina Haglid, John Hunn, Amy Lowry, Patrick McGarry and Connie Netherton highlight everyday objects lifted above the commonplace, inviting us to give weight and depth to the visual experiences they illustrate. Among the most remarkable are Christina Haglid's tiny, atmospheric paintings, several of an imaginary sphere on luminous water, such as Inlet (watercolor and gouache on paper: 4.5 x 2 in.) -- work deftly executed in minimal space, without ever seeming 'miniaturized' in its smallness.

Human and botanic life find equal expression here. Connie Netherton presents a series of nine radiant still-lifes in oil -- John Hunn, a complementary, equally rich palette, here rendering portraits in soft, saturated pastel. Amy Lowry's seven works bring to mind contrasting traditions in botanic illustration, her ink and gouache on paper recalling illustrations of early printed herbals, her oils offering a more modern, expressionistic approach. Patrick McGarry captures individual moments of human interaction in ten oil paintings, cropping heads or bodies out of the frame to focus on the physical details of the moment, whether at a dinner or on a swing, lifted free of emotional context.

These five highly complementary artists offer two of art's most significant pleasures: the pleasures of sight, and the artist's delight in defining objects on paper or canvas. Luminosity and rich color give these works plenty of energy and feeling. This group exhibition, fifty-five works in all, will be at Ann Nathan Gallery through mid-July, 2005.

--Katherine Rook Lieber

Katherine Rook Lieber has edited ArtScope.net's Visual Arts reviews since 1998. Ms. Lieber is Editor and Associate Producer for ArtScope.net.

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