Announcement for Gene Siskel Film Center


Event date: Sunday Mar 25th, 2012

Gene Siskel Film Center premieres "Gerhard Richter Painting"

Sun, Mar 25, 2:45pm & Wed, Mar 28, 8:15 pm

Often considered the greatest living painter, Richter is notoriously
camera-averse and taciturn...which makes it all the more remarkable that
director Corinna Belz was given unprecedented access to film this up-close
documentary over a period of three years. She patiently gets Richter to
open up about his art and life, including a moving recollection of his
complete break from his East German past. But the most astounding
revelations are done silently, with squeegee in hand, as we watch him
evolve two new paintings in a never-ending process of dissatisfaction and

Gene Siskel Film Center
164 N. State St. 
Chicago, IL 60601

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