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Arts Events: LET'S ENTERTAIN at Portland Art Museum

September 17, 2000
Portland Art Museum


Quoting Dennis Rodman as saying "I'm not an athlete anymore: I am an entertainer" the exhibition LET'S ENTERTAIN states that "In todays entertainment-driven consumer society we are surrounded by a massive overflow of visual stimuli a sea of images and information generated by television, movies, video, newspapers, magazines, cartoons, billboards, posters and commercial packaging that transforms our everyday life into an endless loop of multi-sensory spectacles and fictions."

In the exhibition, more than 80 artists from 17 countries reflect on today's entertainment-driven consumer society through sculpture, painting, video, installation, sound, the Internet, fashion and interactive games -- using entertainment strategies as a means of critiquing our pleasure-based culture, as well as a way to employ a common language and shared culture.

Works include Cindy Sherman's FILM STILLS; Piotr Uklanskis' disco dance floor, Andy Warhol's TV and FIFTEEN MINUTES; Dara Birnbaum, TECHNOLOGY/TRANSFORMATION: WONDER WOMAN (1978-1979), which manipulates and reinterprets clips from the popular television series; and Maurizio Cattelan's interactive 22-player foosball table STADIO (Stadium) which examines the world of sports as a site of identity formation and ambivalence.

A sound track by composer David Shea, which permeates the exhibition, resonates both the familiar and strange, featuring sound bites from movies, cartoons, popular dance music, ambient everyday noise, and easy listening classics.

In total, this exhibition takes a look at art practices from the late 1970s to the present, from appropriation and sampling to painting, sculpture, filmmaking, and photography.

Co-produced by: the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and Centre National dArt et de Culture, Centre George Pompidou, Paris.

Last month, The Portland Art Museum celebrated the successful completion of the Project for the Millennium: Building a Legacy Where Art Lives, a two-year $45 million renovation and construction project. The new third wing of the Museum, featuring over 50,000 square feet of new space, is highlighted by dedicated galleries for the Centers for Native American Art and Northwest Art.

For more information, visit the Portland Art Museum web site at http://www.pam.org

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