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BIRMINGHAM, AL -- In a move designed to enhance its connections with member organizations, The National Association of Artists' Organizations (NAAO) has relocated their offices from Washington, DC to the facilities of member organization Space One Eleven, a non-profit, artists-directed visual arts center which serves the community of Birmingham Alabama and also has a national presence.

Artist Anne Howard -- Foundations Program Head at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and director of Blue Shirt Project, a not-for-profit gallery -- is NAAO's office coordinator.

"Where we are literally right now is--Birmingham, Alabama, home of Space One Eleven, one of the Southeast's leading artists' organizations," NAAO Board member Ed Taylor writes in NAAO E*NEWS. "We've moved from Washington, DC, and are energized and excited by our partnership with Space One Eleven--site of NAAO's new office. We are looking eagerly at a reinvigorated and vibrant future, and a new era in NAAO's history. The 20th anniversary promises to be memorable and we welcome members and supporters past, present, and future to join us in reestablishing NAAO as a key resource for the field and a leading voice in America's cultural conversation!"

Founded in 1982, NAAO is an artist-centered, membership-driven service organization which fosters communication and interaction among artists and artists' organizations at the local, regional and national level.

NAAO's new home at Space One Eleven (SOE) situates it in a community-based visual arts center whose mission centers on establishing and maintaining a creative environment to provide equitable opportunities for interaction among artists, children, their families, and the citizens of Birmingham and Alabama.

SOE's 6,000 square foot site includes exhibition galleries, multipurpose studios, a computer lab, a ceramic facility, artists' studios, and offices. In addition to exhibitions and events, SOE administers City Center Art, a collaborative multi-agency, community and family after school and summer arts program created, the program states, "to build resilient children, strengthen Birmingham families, increase community involvement, create job opportunities, and promote racial and class harmony through arts and culturally related activities."


With the departure of Executive Director Roberto Bedoya in 2001, NAAO has been operated by a national volunteer board. To meet the challenges of managing an organization with until recently no staff and with few resources, board members -- including Diane Barber; Julia Kirt, F. John Herbert; Ed Taylor and Rolando Arroyo-Sucre -- have met five times in the past two years and have worked diligently as individuals and on committees to ensure NAAO's stability and to chart its future.

There is "Definitely more to come," Ed Taylor told Arts Wire CURRENT, "but for now NAAO National Meeting is December 14, 2002, in Washington DC. Beyond that, things are still uncooked, but a meeting planning committee is being formed, board and nonboard."

The National Meeting will host board elections and will be informed by a series of local and regional "focus group" meetings. In addition, NAAO will be working with field members to organize and initiate future strategies for artist-centered organizations.


NAAO's new address is c/o Space One Eleven, 2409 Second Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203-3809, tel 205-328-0553; fax 205-254-6176

ED TAYLOR - Email: tarheel666@hotmail.com

SPACE ONE ELEVEN -- http://www.spaceoneeleven.org

Arts Wire CURRENT -- http://www.artswire.org/current/2000/cur051600.html
May 16, 2000


BUFFALO, NY -- Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources has resumed publishing a full version of the SQUEALER, a grassroots media arts magazine with a focus on contemporary media arts, media artists, and the history of media access. In 1997, for financial reasons The Squealer was cut back to a newsletter which primarily promoted Squeaky Wheel services. Now, the magazine is now looking forward to a national focus with expanded format and content.

The Fall 2002 issue, due out in September 2002, has the mini focus of "the politics of media and class," according to Co-editor Stephanie Gray. It will include:

_an interview by Jason Livingston with Scott Stark, the filmmaker behind the FLICKER webzine, a wealth of a resource for media artists

_a travelogue journal of their Baltimore filmmakers tour by Kristin Anchor and Kathy Burdette

_a report from this year's 48TH FLAHERTY FILM SEMINAR by Tom Whiteside

_Takahiko Iimura's "The Theory of Derrida and Meta Video"

_tour journals from Thomas Comerford and illustrations from Bill Brown from their Lo-Fi Landscapes film tour

_an interview by Matt Wolf with filmmaker James Fotopolous

_a reflection on "Oil Refining and the Untrained Eye" by Carl Fuermann

_a conversation between Ed Halter and Stephanie Gray about class at this year's 48TH ANNUAL FLAHERTY FILM SEMINAR

_George Robinson's reflection on outdoor DIY cinema in NYC

_ as well as art and upcoming events, workshops, and screenings at Squeaky Wheel, a non-profit media arts access center which offers equipment rental, workshops, screenings, Axlegrease (pubic access show), and publications.


The Squealer works to create a dialogue between media arts organizations, media artists, media curators, and media arts administrators. Co-editors are Stephanie Gray, an experimental filmmaker and writer living in Buffalo NY whose works include a super 8 film about Buffalo IS THIS CITY DISAPPEARING? and a film about hearing loss CLOSE YR HEARING FOR THE CAPSHUNS; and Kara Olidge, Executive Director of Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources.

The new Squealer invites written contributions/art which relate to the media field at large, with a focus on independent, documentary, grassroots, underground or experimental media making.

"We are interested in Interviews with media artists/filmmakers, regional reports, calls for work (Festivals take note!), media theory/scholarly articles, rants, tech tips, media/documentary journals, reports about an artistic project, reports/updates about your media center, reports on conferences, grant opportunities, articles about trends in the field, etc. We are open to varying lengths of articles," they note.

The complete "Call" for contributions is available in Arts Wire Current's opportunity archive at http://www.artswire.org/current/morecall.html (in the August deadlines section)



Arts Wire (TM) is a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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