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In conjunction with its opening in Stuttgart, Germany, the Electronic Business Innovation center (EBIC) compiled a NET ART GUIDE. (Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2000) They looked for work which "gets to grips with the Internet, in its content as well as its form" -- including completely net situated works such as Reiner Strasser's THE DIVER'S GRAVE -- http://repoem.tripod.com/gr/gr_i.html --- "Starting from the central image...five windows or series of windows open up and emblematize in reverse sequence birth, life and death."

They also looked for installations with net components such as Mathilde muPe's SING YOUR WAY THROUGH WWW -- http://www.xs4all.nl/~oertijd/index.htm -- in which participants "discover their true multimedia star capacity by using vocal tones to navigate through the web." Included among many other entries are:

David Knoebel
MORE JOY -- http://www.clickpoetry.com/morejoy/morejoy.html
The web documentation of a poetry installation along a three mile stretch of Route 4875 between Elysburg and Paxinos PA. The installation appeared among signs of similar size and format planted by politicians just before an election. The web documentation consists of a road map with clickable points that correspond to the location of each sign.

Kunstlerkollektiv bump
BUMP -- http://www.bump.at
A catwalk is installed in the public space of two separate cities. If a person steps onto this catwalk his/her weight triggers off an impulse which is transferred into the other city by means of a dataline. "A passer-by becomes aware of the knocking pistons, she/he sees the boards moving and when he/she steps into the catwalk she/he will feel the footsteps of a person in a different city bump..."

Plus work by etoy, Monika Fleischmann, Steven Greenwood, Judy Malloy, Mark Napier, Old Boys Network, Nancy Paterson, Avi Rosen, Alexi Shulgin, Eva Wohlgemuth, and much more.

The Guide documents the selected works with text, illustrations, and biographical material for the artists. For ordering information, visit http://www.iao.fhg.de/e/shop/suche.hbs
The Guide will be available on the Internet soon at http://www.e-business.fhg.de

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